IRM Technology



Exceeding Expectations

Although not limited to a set list of services, IRM Technology Consulting has developed core competencies in the following areas:

Dental Specific Tech Implementation

IRM has over 12 years of experience installing and implementing systems specific to the dental industry. That includes practice management software suites by Dentrix, Patterson and Kodac as well as the digital imaging suites Dentrix Image, Schick, Dexis, Prof Suni, Apteryx, XDR and Cliniview. We also are very familiar with patient flow, HIPPA requirements, insurance processing and other key aspects of using technology to help dental practices thrive.


IRM began installing flat screen TV's for clients in 2006. We started the service because of widespread gouging in the home theater industry. Since then, our expertise has grown to home automation with Control 4, lighting and HVAC. On the commercial side, we specialize in presentation space, customer/client entertainment, public address systems and surveillance systems.


IRM has knowledge in implementing traditional analog phone systems, VoIP phone systems and hosted VoIP systems for our clients. Our systems take advantage of all the benefits of current technology utilizing automated attendants, voicemail, call forwarding and voicemail to email and have been tested for reliability and call quality.


Almost any small business can benefit from computer networking. Networking allows computers on the network to share files, share an Internet connection and share printers. In addition, administration of the network such as backups, file access and security can be accomplished from a central location improving efficiency and reducing cost. IRM Technology Consulting has extensive experience in planning and implementing peer-to-peer networking and the more robust client/server networking. Let us look at your current and future needs to find out if networking can improve the productivity of your work force.

Internet Connectivity

The Internet is the most significant development in information dissemination to date. Having a presence on the Internet as well as making the Internet available for workers is essential in today's fast moving markets. IRM Technology Consulting has many years of experience providing, installing and configuring Internet access for its clients. We find the right balance of security and cost by carefully considering the relative importance of your data and your budget.

Surveillance Systems

As every business owner knows, safeguarding your assets is a primary component of success. IRM installs and maintains surveillance systems that offer the latest technology in monitoring your business and your employees and customers. From IP cameras to traditional analog systems, we can put in a system that's effective and reliable. Our most popular systems include remote viewing of your cameras from any computer connected to the internet as well as your iPhone or Droid. Oftentimes, simply having a camera system is enough to deter theft.

Web Development

Although IRM does not develop websites in-house, we have formed strategic relationships with local web developers and can help implement a web presence for our clients that will show your business in the best light to your customers.


From simple hosted email accounts to Microsoft-based local email servers to cloud hosted Exchange, IRM can recommend an email solution for you that balances your budget with required availability and functionality. We can set up and maintain almost any email solution so that your email stays up, keeps moving and is free of spam.

Mobile Connectivity

Smart phones can be a huge asset for small businesses. Allowing email and file synchronization between the server, either cloud-based or located at the office can allow employees to keep business flowing no matter where they are or what time it is. IRM has years of experience integrating smart phones with the IT infrastructure maximizing the availability of information to client’s employees and keeping the business rolling.

Cloud-Based Solutions

IRM has been implementing cloud-based solutions for its clients since 2010. From hosted Exchange to hosted solutions with file access such as Microsoft Office 365 to hosted phone systems, we can show you the best and most efficient ways to utilize the cloud in your business.

Remote Access

Allowing employees seamless access to the company’s data no matter where they are is vital to allowing business to operate with maximum efficiency. Utilizing VPN, remote desktop or thin client solutions, IRM can recommend an appropriate solution to almost any client situation which gets your people connected to your data no matter where they are.

Network Infrastructure/Low Voltage

IRM has an unrestricted low voltage license in the state of Georgia. We can install any wire designed to carry a voltage lower than 70V including alarm, CAT 5/6/7, speaker, fiber optic and COAX. Wiring is the backbone of any home automation system, network or alarm system. We can help plan and implement even the most complex wiring systems.

Help Desk

IRM Technology Consulting has the expertise to help you get your applications working for you as opposed to the other way around. From Microsoft's suite of office products to image editing software to database software. Let us show you how to get the most of your applications.


The internet has become a dangerous place but it’s imperative that companies have free access to the resources that it represents. Keeping the information available while protecting employees and company data from internet threats is a specialty for IRM. Firewalls, content filters intrusion prevention, anti spam solutions and active antivirus protection represent only some of the areas that IRM can bring to bear to keep your company safe from internet threats.