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Who We Are

IRM Technology Consulting began operations on February 1, 2001. We are a full service technology consulting firm focusing on how best to use technology to solve our clients' problems and overcome their limitations. Although we have detailed knowledge and experience in the dental and salon industries, we have clients in almost every industry from construction to manufacturing to service and consulting.

Our technical staff has over 50 years of combined experience building, fixing and tweaking computers and networks. Our love of technology is only surpassed by our love of bringing cost effective technology solutions to our clients. Besides being fully certified in Microsoft operating systems and software our experience focuses on specializing in the areas that benefit small businesses the most. Our goal is to be a single phone number for our clients for anything related to technology. As many of our clients can testify, we pull that off with flying colors.

Our commitment to relationships is what separates us from the competition. We are not interested in just selling systems or services. We want to show our clients how to balance technology with their budget and to leverage that for maximum success. Our primary purpose is to provide expert, timely and relevant advice in an efficient and cost effective manner. If we can effectively build a trust relationship with our clients, success will follow.

Why You Need Us

We are committed to your success – IRM was founded on the idea that the success of our company is tied to the success of our clients. If we can help your company succeed, our company will prosper as well.

We put our client relationships above everything else – revenue is the lifeblood of any company but is secondary to IRM. Building and maintaining relationships is the most important thing that we can do for the success of our company.

We love this business – There is no better way to demonstrate our commitment to this industry than simply to express our genuine enthusiasm with everything involving a processor and some memory. Our immersion in the computer industry allows us to bring the latest advances in technology to our clients as they become available.

We understand our roll – Have you ever had a tech talk down to you because you didn’t know what a rootkit was? We will never use our position as experts in technology to make you feel like an idiot. We appreciate that our clients don’t make us feel stupid because we don’t know what amalgam is and we will always return that respect to our clients in our area of expertise.

How We Do It

By being timely and responsive - One of the biggest problems that plagues tech support for small businesses is availability and quick response. When you have problems, you need quick solutions. The foundation of IRM’s success is that we have effectively eliminated this complaint in our clients. You will be able to get a tech on the phone, we will be onsite quickly in case of an emergency and we will follow through with what we promise.

By bringing you the latest technology – The computer industry advances faster than any other industry in the world. Because we love what we do so much and are immersed in it 24/7 we know what is available, what is coming, what works and what doesn’t. We use that knowledge and knowledge of you budget to create a balanced approach to using technology to maximize the benefits from your investment.

By loving what we do – We can think of no better way to make sure that our clients get the best service than by finding joy in coming to work. Our enthusiasm for technology bleeds into every nook and cranny of what we do benefiting your company at every turn.

By aligning ourselves with the best in the business - IRM has developed partnerships with industry leaders to bring best in class value, reliability and performance to our clients. Here is our list of our major partnerships.

  • Dell – IRM is an authorized reseller for Dell servers, workstations, storage and networking equipment. Dell has some of the best warranty services in the industry allowing for fast replacement of covered hardware within a business day of failure. This ensures that the costs associated with hardware failures are kept to a minimum
  • Microsoft – Besides being certified in Microsoft operating systems, IRM is a Microsoft Registered Partner which gives us insider access to Microsoft support and software
  • SonicWALL – IRM installs SonicWALL routers and security appliances. SonicWALL gives best in class protection for businesses from internet threats while also allowing for many additional levels of control over access to the internet including antispam services, content filtering services and antivirus protection
  • Huntress –On or off the corporate network, Huntress next generation antivirus leverages Windows Defender to give unprecedented insight into the malware and ransomware infections. In addition to a top shelf antivirus product, Huntress has a 24/7/365 SOC staff that can respond to threats at any hour protecting servers and workstations from fast moving threats.
  • SentinelOne - SentinelOne is a cybersecurity company that focuses on securing endpoints from ransomware and other malware. The Singularity XDR Platform encompasses AI-powered prevention, detection, response, and threat hunting across user endpoints, containers, cloud workloads. Singularity empowers clients to defend faster, at greater scale, and with higher accuracy across their entire attack surface.
  • AppRiver – IRM is an authorized reseller for all of AppRiver's services. With the popularity of cloud computing, AppRiver is an industry leader in cloud-based solutioins for small businesses including hosted Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365. AppRiver also offers encrypted email solutions, spam filtering.
  • 3CX - IRM is an authorized reseller for 3CX. 3CX is a software-based, open standard, IP PBX that offers complete Unified Communications features, out of the box. As an affordable software-based solution 3CX makes installation, management and maintenance easy while at the same time offering your business a number of benefits, including SIP functionality which slashes telco bills, unified presence and chat built in, iPhone and Android clients, integrated video conferencing, Outlook integration, virtual server options and optional analog hardware integration.

Our Crew